Boundless Skill Calculator
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Crafting Levels -
Tool Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Copper Swift Hammer
Copper Swift Shovel
Copper Swift Axe
Iron Heavy Hammer
Iron Heavy Shovel
Iron Heavy Axe
Silver Swift Hammer
Silver Swift Shovel
Silver Swift Axe
Gold Heavy Hammer
Gold Heavy Shovel
Gold Heavy Axe
Titanium Balanced Hammer
Titanium Balanced Shovel
Titanium Balanced Axe
Amethyst Swift Hammer
Amethyst Swift Shovel
Amethyst Swift Axe
Diamond Heavy Hammer
Diamond Heavy Shovel
Diamond Heavy Axe
Emerald Heavy Hammer
Emerald Heavy Shovel
Emerald Heavy Axe
Topaz Swift Hammer
Topaz Swift Shovel
Topaz Swift Axe
Ruby Balanced Hammer
Ruby Balanced Shovel
Ruby Balanced Axe
Sapphire Balanced Hammer
Sapphire Balanced Shovel
Sapphire Balanced Axe
None Known
None Known
Weapon Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Copper Swift Slingbow
Bag Of Copper Bombs
Iron Heavy Slingbow
Bag Of Iron Bombs
Silver Swift Slingbow
Bag Of Silver Bombs
Gold Heavy Slingbow
Bag Of Gold Bombs
Titanium Balanced Slingbow
Bag Of Titanium Bombs
Amethyst Swift Slingbow
Bag Of Amethyst Bombs
Diamond Heavy Slingbow
Bag Of Diamond Bombs
Emerald Heavy Slingbow
Bag Or Emerald Bombs
Topaz Swift Slingbow
Bag Of Topaz Bombs
Ruby Balanced Slingbow
Bag Of Ruby Bombs
Sapphire Balanced Slingbow
Bag Of Sapphire Bombs
None Known
None Known
Tech Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Copper Slope Chisel
Copper Standard Spanner
Copper Grapple
Iron Bevel Chisel
Iron Standard Spanner
Iron Long-Range Grapple
Silver Percise Slope Chisel
Silver Standard Spanner
Silver Swift-Firing Grapple
Gold Percise Bevel Chisel
Gold Standard Spanner
Gold Long-Range Grapple
Titanium Precise Square Chisel
Titanium Standard Spanner
Titanium Balanced Grapple
Amethyst Square Chisel
Amethyst Centraforge Spanner
Amethyst Swift Firing Grapple
Diamond Precise Bevel Chisel
Diamond Workbench Spanner
Diamond Long-Range Grapple
Emerald Bevel Chisel
Emerald Mixer Spanner
Emerald Long-Range Grapple
Topaz Precise Slope Chisel
Topaz Refinery Spanner
Topaz Swift-Reeling Grapple
Ruby Slope Chisel
Ruby Compactor Spanner
Ruby Balanced Grapple
Sapphire Precise Square Chisel
Sapphire Extractor Spanner
Sapphire Balanced Grapple
None Known
None Known
Food Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Starberry Soup
Earthyam Soup
Meaty Broth
Invigorating Soup
Energising Soup
Shielding Broth
Burn Shielding Broth
Chill Shielding Broth
Toxin Shielding Broth
Corrosion Shielding Broth
Blast Shielding Broth
Shock Shielding Broth
Floating Broth
Criticaling Soup
Persisting Broth
Bag Of Sugar
Bag Of Rice
Bag Of Flour
Bag Of Oats
Bag Of Baking Powder
Purified Butter
Fortified Butter
Corrosion Amalgam
Toxin Amalgam
Blast Amalgam
Burn Amalgam
Shock Amalgam
Chill Amalgam
Stewed Starberry
Earthyam Stew
Meaty Casserole
Invigorating Stew
Energising Stew
Shielding Casserole
Burn Shielding Casserole
Chill Shielding Casserole
Toxin Shielding Casserole
Corrosion Shielding Casserole
Blast Shielding Casserole
Shock Shielding Casserole
Floating Stew
Raw Teaching Porridge
Teaching Porridge
Criticaling Casserole
Persisting Stew
Raw Starberry Porridge
Starberry Porridge
Raw Earthyam Risotto
Earthyam Risotto
Raw Meaty Risotto
Meaty Risotto
Raw Invigorating Porridge
Invigorating Porridge
Raw Energising Risotto
Energising Risotto
Raw Shielding Risotto
Shielding Risotto
Burn Shielding Risotto
Chill Shielding Risotto
Toxin Shielding Risotto
Corosion Shielding Risotto
Blast Shielding Risotto
Shock Shielding Risotto
Raw Floating Porridge
Floating Porridge
Raw Teaching Pudding
Teaching Pudding
Raw Criticaling Risotto
Criticaling Risotto
Raw Persisting Risotto
Persisting Risotto
Raw Starberry Loaf
Starberry Loaf
Raw Earthyyam Loaf
Earthyam Loaf
Raw Meat Loaf
Meat Loaf
Raw Invigorating Loaf
Invigorating Loaf
Raw Energising Loaf
Energising Loaf
Raw Shielding Loaf
Shielding Loaf
Burn Shielding Loaf
Chill Shielding Loaf
Toxin Shielding Loaf
Corrosion Shielding Loaf
Blast Shielding Loaf
Shock Shielding Loaf
Raw Floating Loaf
Floating Loaf
Raw Teaching Loaf
Teaching Loaf
Raw Criticaling Loaf
Criticaling Loaf
Raw Persisting Loaf
Persisting Loaf
Raw Starberry Pie
Starberry Pie
Raw Earthyyam Pie
Earthyam Pie
Raw Meat Pie
Meat Pie
Raw Invigorating Pie
Invigorating Pie
Raw Energising Pie
Energising Pie
Raw Shielding Pie
Shielding Pie
Burn Shielding Pie
Chill Shielding Pie
Toxin Shielding Pie
Corrosion Shielding Pie
Blast Shielding Pie
Shock Shielding Pie
Raw Floating Pie
Floating Pie
Raw Teaching Pie
Teaching Pie
Raw Criticaling Pie
Criticaling Pie
Raw Persisting Pie
Persisting Pie
Brew Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Minor Instant Healing Brew
Minor Healing Brew
Minor Instant Recovery Brew
Minor Recovery Brew
Minor Fast Brew
Minor Strength Brew
Minor Cleansing Brew
Minor Innocuous Brew
Minor Luminous Brew
Improved Instant Healing Brew
Improved Healing Brew
Improved Instant Recovery Brew
Improved Recovery Brew
Improved Fast Brew
Improved Strength Brew
Improved Cleansing Brew
Greater Instant Healing Brew
Greater Healing Brew
Greater Instant Recovery Brew
Greater Recovery Brew
Greater Fast Brew
Greater Strength Brew
Greater Cleansing Brew
Greater Innocuous Brew
Greater Luminous Brew
Greater Rage Brew
Greater Focus Brew
Super Instant Healing Brew
Super Healing Brew
Super Instant Recovery Brew
Super Recovery Brew
Super Fast Brew
Super Strength Brew
Super Cleansing Brew
Super Reviver Brew
Super Luminous Brew
Super Rage Brew
Super Focus Brew
Mega Instant Healing Brew
Mega Healing Brew
Mega Instant Recovery Brew
Mega Recovery Brew
Mega Fast Brew
Mega Strength Brew
Mega Cleansing Brew
Mega Innocuous Brew
Mega Luminous Brew
Decoration Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Decorative Ancient Wood
Decorative Twisted Wood
Decorative Lustrous Wood
Decorative Metamorphic Rock 1
Decorative Igneous Rock 1
Decorative Sedimentary Rock 1
Decorative Metamorphic Rock 2
Decorative Igneous Rock 2
Decorative Sedimentary Rock 2
Plain Metal Door
Plain Gleam Door
Plain Wood Trapdoor
Plain Stone Trapdoor
Plain Metal Trapdoor
Plain Gleam Trapdoor
Shop Stand
Metamorphic Brick Mixture
Igneous Brick Mixture
Sedimentary Brick Mixture
Metamorphic Brick
Igneous Brick
Sedimentary Brick Mixture
Decorative Amethyst
Decorative Diamond
Decorative Emerald
Decorative Topaz
Decorative Ruby
Decorative Sapphire
Refiined Gleam
Stylish Wood Door
Stylish Stone Door
Stylish Metal Door
Stylish Gleam Door
Stylish Wood Trapdoor
Stylish Stone Trapdoor
Stlish Metal Trapdoor
Stylish Gleam Trapdoor
Sign Module
Request Basket
Gleam Lantern
Ornate Wood Door
Ornate Stone Door
Ornate Metal Door
Ornate Gleam Door
Ornate Wood Trapdoor
Ornate Stone Trapdoor
Ornate Metal Trapdoor
Ornate Gleam Trapdoor
Amethyst Torch
Diamond Torch
Emerald Torch
Topaz Torch
Ruby Torch
Sapphire Torch
None Known
None Known
Machine Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Iron Furnace Base
Iron Furnace Crucible
Spark Generator
Spark Link
Titanium Furnace Base
Titanium Furnace Crucible
Workbench Power Coil
Extractor Power Coil
Mixer Power Coil
Centraforge Power Coil
Refinery Power Coil
Compactor Power Coil
Advanced Workbench Power Coil
Advanced Extractor Power Coil
Advanced Mixer Power Coil
Advanced Centraforge Power Coil
Advanced Refinery Power Coil
Advanced Compactor Power Coil
None Known
None Known
Centraforge Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Compound Base
Paste Base
Gum Base
Resin Base
Pure Boon Compound 1
Imperfect Boon Compound 1
Unstable Boon Compound 1
Defect Reduction Compound 1
Boon Boost Paste 1
Defect Guard Paste 1
Quirk Guard Paste 1
Ease Gum
Lightness Gum
Special Gum
Effect Gum
Longevity Gum
Glow Gum
Trait Reduction Gum
Trait Expansion Gum
Setting Resin
Deconstruction Resin 1
Catalyst Base
Solvent Base
Pure Boon Compound 2
Imperfect Boon Compound 2
Unstable Boon Compound 2
Draining Boon Compund 1
Corrupted Boon Compound 1
Defect Reduction Compound 2
Unstable Defect Reduction Compound 1
Quirk Reduction Compund 1
Imperfect Quirk Reduction Compound 1
Protection Paste 1
Boon Boost Paste 2
Defect Guard Paste 2
Quirk Guard Paste 2
Invigoration Paste 1
Stabilisation Paste 1
Fate Paste 1
Fate Reversal Paste
Gambling Paste 1
Vigor Catalyst 2
Boon Points Catalyst 1
Boon Removal Solvent 1
Defect Removal Solvent 1
Quirk Removal Solvent 1
Deconstruction Resin 2
Pure Boon Compound 3
Imperfect Boon Compound 3
Unstable Boon Compound 3
Draining Boon Compund 2
Corrupted Boon Compound 2
Unstable Defect Reduction Compound 2
Quirk Reduction Compund 2
Imperfect Quirk Reduction Compound 2
Protection Paste 2
Invigoration Paste 2
Stabilisation Paste 2
Fate Paste 2
Gambling Paste 2
Defect Reversal Catalyst
Vigor Catalyst 1
Boon Boost Catalyst
Boon Points Catalyst 2
Boon Removal Solvent 2
Defect Removal Solvent 2
Quirk Removal Solvent 2
Boon Transmute Solvent
Defect Transmute Solvent
Quirk Transmute Solvent
Deconstruction Resin 3
None Known
None Known
Augment Crafting
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Extra Damage Slingbow Augment 1
Increased Speed Slingbow Augment 1
Increased Critical Slingbow Augment 1
Increased Range Slingbow Augment 1
Faster Projectile Slingbow Augment 1
Extra Damage Slingbow Augment 2
Increased Speed Slingbow Augment 2
Increased Critical Slingbow Augment 2
Increased Range Slingbow Augment 2
Faster Projectile Slingbow Augment 2
Revive Augment
Extra Damage Slingbow Augment 3
Increased Speed Slingbow Augment 3
Increased Critical Slingbow Augment 3
Increased Range Slingbow Augment 3
Faster Projectile Slingbow Augment 3
None Known
None Known